Terms and Conditions

Subject and field of application

These General Term and Conditions of Sales (GTCS) form the basis for commercial negotiations and are systematically addressed or given to each client to enable him to order. They form an integral part of our commercial offers and price proposals. They prevail over terms and conditions for purchasing except in the case of formal written approval delivered by our company Any opposing terms or conditions put forward by the client will not therefore, in the absence of express agreement, be applicable to our company, regardless of the time at which they may have been brought to its attention. Any documents other than these general terms and conditions of sale, particularly catalogues, prospectuses, advertisements or notices, have solely informative and indicative value of a non-contractual kind. The Client’s acceptance of price conditions is equivalent to his agreeing to these general terms and conditions of sale, currently applied by Galley Cuisine for all activities. In the case of a contract being signed for specific supplies, the provisions of such a contradict this present document will prevail over the provisions contained in these general terms and conditions.

Quality of services

The catering services provided conform to international standards and correspond to health and hygiene regulations imposed on food products in the Netherlands and Belgium.


Any order that is confirmed implies the client fully and unreservedly adheres to these general terms and conditions of sale, acknowledges having perfect awareness of them, and waives the right to assert his own terms and conditions of purchasing.

To be considered final, all orders must obligatorily be confirmed by email from  Galley Cuisine. Galley Cuisine reserves the right to modify the composition of its services due to uncertainties which may affect the supply of products or by virtue of the principle of precaution.

Conditions for cancellation or modification of orders

 Cancellation fees

In the case of total or partial cancellation of an order, for whatever reason), all-inclusive penalties, both final and irrevocable will be applied as per the rates below:

>12 kitchen hours before delivery: no penalties
< 12 kitchen hours before delivery: 50% of the price (including VAT)
< 6 kitchen hours before delivery: 100% of the price (including VAT)

In case of large (widebody) aircraft with orders above €2.000,- the cancellation fees are as follows:

>20  kitchen hours before delivery: no penalties
< 20  kitchen hours before delivery: 50% of the price (including VAT)
< 12 kitchen hours before delivery: 100% of the price (including VAT)

  • In case a highloader is requested, any cancellation less than 6 hours must  be paid in full.
  • All cancellations must be notified in writing to Galley Cuisine; no cancellation by phone will be accepted.
  • In the hypothesis of a total or partial cancellation of a specific order (not on the menu), a penalty of 100% of the initial price will be applied, and this, whatever the scheduled time for delivery.

All kitchen hours are mentioned on our website www.galleycuisne.com

Modification of an order

  • Modifications of orders (higher or lower quantities) must be notified at the latest 6 kitchen hours prior delivery. If this deadline is not observed, any reduced order will nevertheless be billed at the price of the initial order. Any reduction of an order over 25% of the initial order will not be considered as a modification, but as a partial cancellation.
  • If the order is increased, Galley Cuisine reserves the right not to accept all or part of such a modification if it would impair its production operations and organisation, and this, even 2 hours prior to delivery. Any purchase made at the client’s specific request will be due in full, even outside the rates indicated above.
  • In the hypothesis of a total or partial cancellation of a specific order (not on the menu), a penalty of 100% of the initial price will be applied, and this, whatever the scheduled time of delivery.

Reception of orders

Reception takes place either by the client collecting the order via handling or by its delivery on board of the aircraft.


Loading on board – handling

  • ‘Delivery’ encompasses all fulfilments of an order made to the client, in a place other than our company premises.
  • Delivery times are only given by way of information and indication, but are given as precisely as possible, depending on our company’s possibilities regarding supply and transportation.
  • Our company therefore makes all efforts to observe the delivery times it indicates when accepting the order, as per the logistical deadline used as a reference in the trade, and to fulfil the orders, except in the case of force majeure, or in the event of circumstances beyond its control such as strikes, freezing temperatures, fire, storms, floods, epidemics, difficulties in obtaining supplies, official bans, traffic jams, accidents, this list not being exhaustive.
  • Failures to observe delivery times shall not give rise to damages, deductions or cancellation of the orders being handled. Our company will keep the client informed in a timely fashion of any of the cases or events listed above. In all hypothesis, delivery within the deadline can only take place if the client is up to date with his obligations towards our firm, whatever the reason.

Delivery fees

  • For each delivery, ‘delivery fees’ are to be paid as indicated in the client price conditions. Furthermore, in certain specific cases, additional fees will be charged:
    • Weekend delivery EHAM & EBBR: EUR 60,00
    • Weekend delivery EHRD & EBAW: EUR 100,00
    • Early morning delivery EHAM & EBBR (between 06:00LT – 07:59LT): EUR 75,00
    • Early morning delivery EHRD & EBAW(between 06:00LT – 07:59LT): EUR 100,00
    • Urgent delivery fee EHAM & EBBR (<3 hours between confirmation/delivery): EUR 60,00

Delivery at all airports: fees for loading on board depend on the category of the aircraft and the day and the time of loading. Please ask for further details. However, some FBO may handle or sub-contract the ; loading fees will then be invoices to you directly by the FBO.

Handling fees

Price confirmed for catering by Galley Cuisine is the price to be paid by cc onboard, or the price send to the Handling agent. Handling agent might have a surcharge for it’s services, at the sole discretion of the handling agent.

Waiting fees

In certain cases, at the client’s request, due to technical delays or non-communication of information, delivery teams are obliged to remain at the client’s full disposal and cannot be assigned to other tasks. Fees for waiting and the provision of personnel will then be billed at the hourly rate of € 65,- in force for these services at the time of delivery.

In case a highloader was requested, the highloader waiting fee will be calculated separately.


As a certain number of specific requests are not included in our menu-catalogue, we are obliged to use the services of a courier. They will be re-invoiced at the hourly rate of €65 + VAT with a minimum fee of one hour. Any hour commenced will be due. However, In the Netherlands and Belgium, and all-inclusive fee pre-agreed with the client may be applied, depending on the complexity of the request and its duration.

Payment excluding VAT

Any aircraft operator running commercial or business flights to the Netherlands and Belgium, over 80% of whose activity takes place outside Dutch and Belgian territory, can benefit from exemption from VAT. In order to benefit with the Galley Cuisine company from payment without VAT, the company from payment without VAT, the company or person must provide us with its/his AOC (Aircraft Operator Certificate) duly up-dated, and open an account under the terms and conditions described above.

In all other cases, the operator, a natural person or legal entity, will be required to pay VAT in The Netherlands. Belgium deliveries are always free from VAT.

Non Payment

All catering remains property of Galley Cuisine until payment is made. In case of non-acceptance of the order for whatever reason, the duty to settle the bill remains.

In case of rude behaviour of crew or inappropriate behaviour against Galley Cuisine crew, we keep the right to leave the aircraft with the catering until invoice has been paid.


 Regarding services

  • The Client must check that the goods are received conform the confirmed order. In the event of anomalies or missing items, he must make all the necessary written observations and confirm his reservations by mail / Email to our company within the predefined time limit.
  • No claims regarding the service provided will be taken into account after a period of 24 hours following reception of the delivery.
  • In case of a claim regarding quality or presentation, detailed photos of the order must be send to Galley Cuisine.
  • In the absence of such notifications, the service provided will be considered by the client as conforming to this order. In any event, it is the client’s responsibility to provide all the means to proceed with verification of such anomalies and possibly find a remedy for them. He will abstain from intervening himself or from having a third party intervene for this purpose.
  • Claims made to Galley Cuisine cannot be higher as the initial invoice amount for the order made at Galley Cuisine.

Regarding invoicing

Any disagreement regarding an invoice must be formulated in writing: it will not be taken into account after a period of five days after the date when the invoice was received. In any event, and whatever the nature of the claim made by the client under the conditions and in accordance with the modalities defined by this article, such a claim will not allow the client to suspend payment of the services concerned nor of invoices which are due to be paid.

All information from the client that he wishes on the invoice (name, address, VAT etc) must be provided before delivery. After delivery, invoices cannot be changed anymore.

Force majeure

The following are considered as facts of God or cases of force majeure, events beyond the control of the parties concerned, that they could not reasonably be expected to foresee, and that they could not reasonably avoid or surmount, to the extent that their occurrence makes the fulfilment of these obligations totally impossible. In particular, the following are included as cases or force majeure or acts of God, releasing our company from its obligation to deliver within the deadlines initially anticipated: strikes held by all or part of our company’s staff or its usual transporters, fire, flooding, war, production shutdowns due to fortuitous breakdowns, unexpected road closings during delivery, impossibility of receiving supplies of basic commodities, epidemics, closure due to heavy thaws, road blocks, strikes or breaks in the supplies for a reason non-attributable go our company, and any other cause of a break in supplies attributable to our suppliers. Under such circumstances, our company will inform the Client in writing, within the hour of the date when the events occurred, the contract binding our company and its client may be terminated by most diligent party, without either of the parties being able to claim any damages. Such termination would come into effect on the date of the first delivery of a registered letter with request of acknowledgement of receipt, cancelling said sales contract. Any such cancellation or termination will result in the reimbursement by our company of the sums already paid by the client, to the exclusion of all other indemnities.

Applicable law

For orders delivered in The Netherlands by Galley Cuisine BV, the Dutch law is applicable.
For orders delivered in Belgium by Galley Cuisine Belgium BVBA the Belgium law is applicable.